Electro M-Series Projection Screens

Our most popular motorized projection screens. Perfect for presentations and Home-Cinema.

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  1. General Details

    An easy to use and durable projection screen! With the press of a button on the remote control the projection fabric rolls out quietly until it reaches the set height. This product is perfect for consumers looking for an affordable solution, while still being sophisticated enough to be used by AV professionals to integrate into any business or education installation.

    Available in 4:3, 16:10 and 16:9 aspect ratio, the Electro M-Series projection screens can be used in presentation rooms and are also great for use in Home-Cinema settings. This projection screen has been developed for small to medium sized application and is available in a broad range of sizes with viewing areas from 1.4m up to 2.6m width.


    • Housing material: Steel, with a white finish (semi-gloss and scratch-proof coating)
    • Tensioned fabric:
    • Great screen

    Included accessories

    IVISIONS iViCONNECT RF Remote Control
    Power Cable 3.0m (IEC-320-C13)
    Mounting brackets (wall, ceiling or suspended)
    Screws and plugs for installation
    User Manual

    Optional accessories

    • IVISIONS iViCONNECT IR Remote Control
    • IVISIONS iViCONNECT Wireless Wall Switch (RF)
    • IVISIONS iViCONNECT Wall Switch
    • IVISIONS iViCONNECT RF Remote Control (extra/reserve)
    • IVISIONS Suspended Installation Set
    • IVISIONS Extra long wall brackets
    • IVISIONS Extra long power cables


    This IVISIONS projection screen can be controlled in every conceivable way. This is possible because of the integrated iViCONNECT module.

    • Control the screen with the (included) RF Remote Control.
    • Control the screen with any iViCONNECT product
    • Control the screen with RS232/RS485.
    • Control the screen using a relay or blind switch.
    • Control the screen using the 12V Trigger-out on your projector.
    • EmergencyControl: lost your remote control? On the left side of the housing there are emergency buttons, so the screen can always be rolled in&out.
  2. Available sizes
    The IVISIONS Electro M-Series projection screens are available in the following standard sizes:

    Ratio Viewing area (wxh) Blackdrop (B3) Productcode EAN
    4:3 145 x 109 cm 5 cm IV-EM145_4-3 8719244430246
    4:3 170 x 127 cm 5 cm IV-EM170_4-3 8719244430253
    4:3 200 x 150 cm 5 cm IV-EM200_4-3 8719244430260
    4:3 230 x 173 cm 5 cm IV-EM230_4-3 8719244430277
    4:3 260 x 195 cm 5 cm IV-EM260_4-3 8719244430284
    16:10 170 x 106 cm 35 cm IV-EM170_16-10 8719244430291
    16:10 200 x 125 cm 35 cm IV-EM200_16-10 8719244430307
    16:10 230 x 144 cm 25 cm IV-EM230_16-10 8719244430314
    16:10 260 x 163 cm 20 cm IV-EM260_16-10 8719244430321
    16:9 170 x 96 cm 45 cm IV-EM170_16-9 8719244430338
    16:9 200 x 113 cm 45 cm IV-EM200_16-9 8719244430345
    16:9 230 x 129 cm 35 cm IV-EM230_16-9 8719244430352
    16:9 260 x 146 cm 30 cm IV-EM260_16-9 8719244430369

    Other sizes can be ordered as a Custom Made Projection Screen.

  3. Product specifications


    • Housing material: Steel, with a white finish (semi-gloss and scratch-proof coating)
    • Tensioned fabric:
    • Remote Control included:


    • RF Remote Control 
    • Power Cable 3.5m (IEC-320-C13) 
    • Installation brackets (wall, ceiling or suspended)
    • Longer Power Cable
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